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Creation & Artificail Intelligence

Listening to Mozart music, admiring a Michelangelo fresco or reading a play from Shakespeare can transform our brains. It is the magic of aesthetic empathy through which the spirit of a creator touch and metamorphoses us.
Can artificial intelligence do the same?

Heidi Melano Mosaicist
Show 2015 - 2019

In the theater of Courtine at Saint Paul de Vence, Artamis has proposed a unique event, a live show in homage to the mosaic artist Heidi Hoegger Melano passed away in 2014.
This original and unique play retraces the life of the mosaic artist, her collaboration with all the greatest artists of the twentieth century, especially with Marc Chagall. Diana Landi, president of Artamis, brought together very talented artists to offer the spectators an emotional show and a magical evening.
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In 2019 a new version of this show was played in Biot where she created the gigantic mosaics on the facades of the Leger museum. Over the past 30 years working with Leger, Braque, Folon and Marc Chagall, Heidi made the effort to erase herself to better understand the creativity of the masters and realize the monumental mosaics they asked her to do. Until she decided not to get into the mind of others and listen only to herself. Heidi then realized in an original and unique personal work that transcends her previous experiences. The creation of her latest sculptures, these double faces, those eyes that fix you, allows you to understand the dilemma the artist was confronted with during all her life.
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"Creation and artist's brain"
2015 Exhibition - Conference

For the 30th anniversary of Marc Chagall’s death and in honor of his mosaic artist Heidi Melano passed away in 2014, ArtAmis Association has organized a conference about of creativity at the prestigious Maeght Foundation
The brain at the heart of the creative process: Pierre Lemarquis, neurologist, neuropsychiatric and international lecturer took advantage of Jörg Immendorf exhibition at the Foundation to talk about Art and creativity. The imagination, at the source of all talents, allowed the mosaic artist Heidi Melano to reproduce in masterful artworks the emotions of great artists, such as Chagall, Leger, Braque, Folon, Za-Wou Ki and many others.
When the mosaic artist Heidi Melano transcribes a work of Chagall, she breathes on it of his own existence...
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Modern art & Neurosciences

Artamis organized a very interesting conference at the Museum of Modern Art of Nice “Art Emotion and Neurosciences” held by the scientist and philosopher Pierre Lazar based on the new neurological researches.Artists, especially in their portraits show the psychological status of men and women they represent. In light of the findings of neuroscience, we can better understand how they actually use what our brain creates using our memory. Our eyes tell us a fraction of what is shown. The brain collects and interprets the data it receives from the senses, using memory as its main guide. So, playing on the poverty of the visual stimulus and the strength of the memory, artists can direct the eyes of those who observe a work of art, using face, hands and body expressions, colors and shapes to arouse our emotions and empathy. The brain's ability to tolerate illusions allowed artists through the ages to fundamentally change the colors and shapes of the subjects without sacrificing the credibility of images. Prior to the conference, guests enjoyed a guided visit to the Museum's contemporary art collection and the projection of a video of the show “Klimt and Vienna” currently projected at le Beau de Provence.
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Exhibition of Jacques Michel Dunoyer

Artamis has organized an exceptional moment dedicated to the world of painter Jacques Michel Dunoyer at the Museum of Saint-Paul de Vence. An incredible journey through twenty paintings combined with music and video: an artistic collection “impressioniste” incredibly rich and colorful, inspired by Nature and Mozart music. Later in the day, a conference was held in the auditorium of Saint-Paul de Vence hosted by Olivier-Henri Sambucchi, Art Curator of the City of Nice, and Claire Chapelier who offered a vibrant and moving tribute to the painter and the person. The evening ended with a concert with Didier Castell-Jacomin at the piano, Liza Kerob (soliste with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Monaco) as the violinist and Laurence Malherbe as soprano, all playing with the music that inspired the artist painted in the last period of his life.

Poetry Evening

Artamis organized a wonderful evening of poems and music opening the doors to a new universe. The journalist and author Franco-Iranian, Fariba Hachtroudi, fighting for the liberation of women, recited poems from his collection "Abyss", accompanied by a young musician who set the poems in music and charming the audience with her crystalline voice. To know more...

Conference and Exhibition of the Chinese artist Qiu Shengxian

At the André Verdet showroom, in Saint Paul de Vence, Artamis organized an exhibition and conference interview with the Chinese painter Qiu Shengxian, while he was visiting our region for the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Sino-French relationship. QIU Shengxian is a famous Chinese artist whose art is known worldwide. Its exquisite paintings combine the themes of the old Chinese styles and Buddhism, in an extraordinarily contemporary way. The style and colors challenge the viewer, the texture is new and the message appears obvious: Love and hope are the artist's message. A special moment, the discovery of a great artist, his art and his paintings. To know more...

The Waltz of the Flowers, a performance of music and painting

Artamis organized a special evening combining different forms of art thanks to the talents of two painters and two musicians. This concert held by the violinist Manfred Stilz and the harpist Cécile Bonhomme was celebrating the beauty of flowers and their cycle of life. The music, a hymn to nature, charmed the audience and was the inspiration for the two painters, each of them transferring on the canvas their own emotions. Jean Francois Gaultier a French painter and the Chinese Chang Jiahuang played all the notes, with the tip of their brush, in a very original floral symphony. To konw more...

Conference "The color of truth"

Artamis introductory Conference to the Maeght Foundation exhibition “The Adventures of the truth” of B.H. Levy. Do we learn something while we observe a work of art? If this is the case, what is the nature of this knowledge, and how do we acquire it? Even though the last two questions seem not as obvious as the first, most people today would answer in an affirmative way to the former. The idea that art can be a source of knowledge was not always shared, especially amongst philosophers. It is in this context that we need to approach Bernard Henri Levy (BHL) exhibition "Painting and Philosophy" which he held at the Maeght Foundation. The ambitious theme he developed through 126 artworks describes a struggle between art and philosophy, while searching for the truth ! Peter Lazar our speaker and philosopher , gave us a very clear analysis of BHL's reasoning in the approach of his exhibition plan and its artistic choices and has prepared us for the visit "in situ”. What will tomorrow's art? What will be a philosophical thought?
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Art and Religion, splendor of Dunhuang frescoes

Artamis organized a conference at the Nice Museum of Asian Art dedicated to Dunhuang, crossroads of civilizations on the legendary Silk Road. Anne-Lise Palidoni, sinologist, showed and commented the frescos of the Mogao caves during different dynasties. Diana Landi presented the work of Chang Shuhong for the protection and safeguarding of Dunhuang, recognized today as a World Heritage Site. Finally, his son, the Chinese painter Chang Jiahuang expert in mural art in China, showed, for the first time, the frescos of the new discovered caves in Tibet at Yang Pi site and is project of new caves in Dunhuang.

Viva l’Amore, lyric and pictorial show

Artamis organised a journey through the senses with music, singing and painting all intertwined giving us a palette of colors, sounds and emotions around the theme of love, sang and interpreted in different forms in the East and the West. With the exceptional participation of lyric soprano Reine Grace, a show on the theme of love: opera arias, ballads and chinese songs celebrated the romantic love, the love-passion, the tragic love and the light love. To know more...
In a beautiful setting of Saint-Paul de Vence, and accompanied by her sublime voice, the painter Jean-François Gaultier created a painting as a tribute to love. Red, Rose, Passion Flowers ... Painting and music came together in love songs, creating a unique artwork.

The Silk Road
2011 - 2013

In 2011 Artamis Association presented at the “Courtine theatre”, under the ramparts of Saint-Paul de Vence, an exceptional event: an artistic journey between East and West combining music and painting performed by internationally renowned artists. To know more...
Two great opera singers, Elisabeth Vidal and André Cognet sang the story of the incredible life of the painter Chang Shuhong, the guardian of Dunhuang. Meanwhile his son, Chang Jiahuang painted live a large canvas as a tribute to his father, a man who spent 40 years of his life to protect and restore the ancient Chinese art treasures of Mogao Caves located at a strategic point of the Silk Road.
The immense success of the live show would not remain unheard... Obviously, two years later, a new edition was presented at a larger location just as prestigious as Saint Paul, the Acropolis Palace in Nice. To know more...
Adopting a more contemporary style, the show commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Franco-Chinese friendship allowing the public to understand this wonderful page of Chinese art history through video projections, dances, songs, music and painting.

Visual Art
Shanghai 2011

Celebrating its 20 years presence in China, Berkeley University commissioned a painting to the artist Jiahuang Chang. Together with the artist, Artamis organized a very innovative event where at every steps of the realization of the painting, hundreds of digital pictures were taken. Leveraging these photos, a team of computer scientists created a software able to project from the ceiling of a theatre a light brush reproducing on stage the artist’s gesture at the time of the creation of the painting while two professional dancers acted on scene like that pencil. On an inclined stage, lines and colors were traced by a play of light from the ceiling and the spectators saw the painting emerging from the dancers’ movements. At the end of the show, the original painting whose exact revival had been recreated on scene was donated to the President of the prestigious University.

Art and Cuisine :the story of the “ French crepes”

Artamis organized a special and cultural evening combined with gourmet tasting. Milvia and Michele da Cafaggiolo, the famous italian chef, prepared the ancestors of the actual crepes. With historical documents in her hand, she told the story of Catherine de Medicis, who became Queen of France, and brought to Paris her artistic taste for food.
A great time with the ancestors of the French crèpes, the very tasty "pezzuole della nonna". To know more...

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